Hotel management made easy.

Stay in control in a dynamic and unpredictable market and turn your existing data into insights that increase your hotel’s productivity and yield.

What awaits you:

Simplified management – short training times for new employees

Early detection of fluctuations thanks to statistical data collection

Simplify and speed up work processes

Dynamic allocation plan

Facilitate your work with a drag-and-drop interface that displays real-time booking status and usage of your campsite. Notifications of overbooking and new online bookings are highlighted. This allows you to quickly and reliably see changes and the need for action in your system.

Payments, Cash-Book and Visitor’s tax

Create a fully customizable bill with payment terms, breakdown of installments, overdue and unpaid payments. The cash book divides the daily income by type (cash, debit card, etc.) clearly. Numerous Kurabgabe module have already been integrated. Others will be integrated quickly and free of charge on request.

E-mail Templates

Send emails with ready-made and customizable templates for offers, confirmations or cancellations. Accept inquiries and reservations on the go! Send offers, reservation confirmations, and other important reminders per email with a click.

Statistics and Reports

An overview of your business results – from usage to revenue per category or period. And all in one click. Check which place categories are best used, which additional services are booked, and how much is earned per booking period. You can also query which online sales channels your guests have used.

Other features that will revolutionize your business

The times have changed. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best solution to simplify your hotel management, saving you time and money.

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