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Tamibo offers 3 options to match your availability and reservations with portals like booking.com, AGODA or HRS.

What awaits you:

Tamibo Connect (Own Channel Management)

With the new Tamibo CONNECT interface, you syncronise your chosen portals without additional contracts with third-party providers (except the respective portal itself, eg booking.com)

DIRS21 Connect With DIRS21 CONNECT you connect the hotel management of Tamibo with DIRS21. DIRS21 is one of the leading hotel booking systems and widely used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Using the DIRS21 CONNECT interface incurs additional costs for the use of DIRS21, as well as the respective portals.

TOMAS Connect Connects your portals as a third party and syncronises them with your Tamibo hotel software. TOMAS specializes in regional Portals, which are often not available in the big channel managers. The use of TOMAS CONNECT incurs additional costs for the use of TOMAS, as well as the respective portals.

The in-house channel manager of Tamibo and connects you to the most important and common portals.

  • Time savings through automation
  • Risk reduction through centralization
  • Cloud-based and always up to date

Use the 2-way interfaces for prices, bookings and booking rules. Always up-to-date and synchronizes in all active portals.

Reservations, changes and cancellations are automatically adjusted in the portals, as well as the hotel software. Thus you automate your online sales and reach more potential guests.


Detailed information on DIRS21 is available on the website of the provider.

Learn More about DIRS21

Detailed information is available on the website of the provider

Learn More about TOMAS

Times have changed. That’s why we are committed in giving you the best solutions to make hotel management easier.

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