Cloud Based – Access anytime, anywhere

You can access Tamibo anywhere at anytime, you are not tied to your reception desk or your office space. Whether you’re using a laptop at home or on the office, an iPad or even your smartphone, Tamibo gives you unparalleled access in order to control your business

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Channel Management

The in-house channel manager of Tamibo and connects you to the most important and common portals.

Use the 2-way interfaces for prices, bookings and booking rules. Always up-to-date and synchronizes in all active portals.

Reservations, changes and cancellations are automatically adjusted in the portals, as well as the hotel software. Thus you automate your online sales and reach more potential guests.

  • Time savings through automation
  • Risk reduction through centralization
  • Cloud-based and always up to date
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Online Booking System

The Tamibo online booking system can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your own website in order to receive bookings directly. This saves time and increases your booking rate at a given period. This is especially important for small hotels and holiday apartments where the front desk is not always occupied, and the most effective way to book your reservation is to do it online. New online bookings are highlighted in color directly in the occupancy plan, and Tamibo will point them out.

Guests have the option to book their reservation over the phone, through your website, or through channel managers. Whichever method they choose, it will only take them a few minutes. With the hotel software’s efficient booking system, you will not miss any requests or reservations. The hotel management system does this automatically for you.

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Features that will change the way you manage your business

What our customers say about us

  • Tamibo is highly convenient to use with its clear operating structures and diverse recruitment options. It is very user-friendly. In addition to analysis and evaluation, the channel manager connection is definitely a plus. With Tamibo, I can easily send my current availabilities to channel managers like and even to regional portals like IRS18!

    Camping Stein, Andrea Stein –

  • Tamibo has exceeded my expectations. Their customer support is fast and competent. I recommend Tamibo.

    Grambauer’s Kalit, Mike Kuest –

  • The Tamibo system is really easy to learn, especially for new employees. Their customer support team is always available and very helpful. Tamibo is an excellent partner for us.

    Huberwirt at Kellerberg, Stefan Larasser –

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